Big Data

Get a clear view of what, where and when.

Data-driven business. Make decisions

based on real-time data analytics.

Big Data Analytics

Uncover answers hidden in your data.

Big Data Analytics
Data is the new gold

Find the answers to your business questions lying hidden in your data using our powerful and intuitive data visualization tools and intelligent aggregation algorithms.

Value in your existing data. Navigating the changing landscape at the intersection of business and technology, we find order in your data to give you a 360° view of your company’s performance.

Complex data simplified. Using the latest tools we can take large amounts of abstract data and turn it into an image that our eyes can quickly see and our brains can understand. It allows you to grasp the meaning of your data more quickly.

Find correlated events. Combine analytics to to find correlations that might otherwise be hidden. Intelligent algorithms can find the answers to your business questions in your existing data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Making it all easy.

Big Data Cloud
Big data and cloud computing – the ideal combination

Cloud computing offers a variety of dedicated methodologies, techniques and tools to address the main challenges of processing big data and to facilitate the transformation of data into value.

Data storage. Storage challenges are posed by the volume, velocity and variety of big data. Cloud storage services offer virtually unlimited storage with high fault tolerance which provides potential solutions to address big data storage challenges.

Data processing. Processing large volumes of data requires dedicated computing resources which exceed the processing power offered by traditional computing setups. Cloud computing offers virtually unlimited and on-demand processing power as a partial solution.

Data analysis. Big Data’s analysis requires sophisticated, scalable and inter-operable algorithms which harness the power of distributed processing.

Automate Reporting

Know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Automated Reporting
Stop the madness with manual reporting

Always on schedule. Never late. Just choose when the script should generate the report and it’ll arrive on time.

Never to the wrong recipient. Once you’ve configured rights access, you’ll never send it to the wrong person. Instead, it’ll be created via a downloadable link and emails won’t get stalled by large attachments.

Free time and resources. Focus on analyzing the data, not on pulling and aggregating it.

Improved accuracy and reduced risk. Never copy/paste the wrong data again. The results are always as programmed and there’s no human error  – because there are no humans!

Our promise:

If you already have them in Excel,
we can automate them.

Excel may be your friend, but it’s no longer the only option. If you already build reports and use Excel or any other old-fashioned, time-consuming and error-prone tool, we can automate the task and take the burden off your shoulders.

If the following conditions are met:

  1. Data availability: Data can be pulled from a source.
  2. Path to final result: There’s a formula to aggregate data and a template for the final result.
  3. Access policy: Clear rules for who can see each report and what permissions they have.

We can build any reports:

  • In a format of your choice:
    • PDF for static reports (or CSV/XLSX).
    • HTML for interactivity or to prevent unauthorized distribution.
  • On time
  • As either an email attachment or a downloadable link

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Dashboard Development
See the Whole Story

Who? What? How? Where? How much? Unleash the value in the data you’ve already collected, turning an underutilized asset into significant net new revenue.

Everyone Makes Decisions. Empower every user to see his/her KPIs in real time. Give them the information they need to act based on solid data.

Make Business Intelligence Easy. Create simplified analytics with rich visualizations. Let the app we build do the heavy computing and perform sophisticated analysis on your behalf.

Measure everything. Make sure that every department has clear and transparent KPIs. By making them available across departments, you also encourage healthy competition.

  • Dashboard Business Process Management
  • Dashboard Analytics BI
  • Dashboard Analytics BI
  • Dashboard Analytics BI
Data Visualization

Catch trends. See where trends are heading and take informed action today based on what you wouldn’t have known until tomorrow. Empower your users with clear charts of aggregated data.

Simplify Complex Data. There’s no value in long lines of raw data. Using the latest tools, we can take large amounts of abstract data and turn it into an image that we can quickly process.  Fast insights come through intuitive data visualizations and interactions such as drilling, sorting and filtering.

Build It Once. Use your dashboard anywhere, whether you’re on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile device. Its responsive UI automatically adapts to any screen size and resolution with dynamic layout and input gestures.

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