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About us

VHCI is a software development studio which specializes in business applications and was founded in 2009. We create powerful applications with sophisticated algorithms packed into intuitive and simple interfaces so your users don’t get lost or overwhelmed by too many options.

Whether you’re a funded start-up or an established business, we can help you at every step of the software development cycle including business analysis, settings goals (KPIs), prototyping, development and deployment.

A personal note from the founder

We’re a software development company which understands the real business environment, way beyond marketing cliches and stock photos of shaking hands and smiling faces. Things are a bit more complex than that, aren’t they?

Business software made easy

We’ve built our company by understanding business processes from the real world. We speak ‘business’ language and wrap our heads around exactly how your company (and your industry) works. Working with us will make the whole process feel easier and less stressful – because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes and we can shoulder the burden for you.

Meet the team

Some of the people you’re likely to work with

  • Valentin Haicu
    Valentin Haicu Managing Partner
  • Cristian Pasca
    Cristian Pasca Developing Leader
  • Еdwаrd Соmаnіcі
    Еdwаrd Соmаnіcі CTO
  • Maria Macrea
    Maria Macrea Consultant
  • Thibaut Desmons
    Thibaut Desmons Consultant
  • Lucian Cojocaru
    Lucian Cojocaru Consultant
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