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Custom Software Development

Business Applications

Custom Software Development Business Applications

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, we’re perfectly placed to help you at each and every stage of the software development life-cycle, from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to the development and deployment of a complete solution.

Bring your idea to life

If you need a solution to solve a specific problem, we should talk. We’ll work with you to develop a powerful, scalable and highly functional web-based app. You don’t have to know the technical language, we speak yours.

We speak business

We’ll help you to identify and fix pain points and bottlenecks at a cost that makes sense to you. We’ll translate the specs into technical language so you don’t have to, combining our technical and business expertise to design a solution that fits your requirements.

Most of our clients are
from these industries:

(But we welcome any other challenges!)

  • eCommerce

  • Transportation

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

We like to develop:

(But we’re always up for something new!)

Data visualization intuitively displayed to allow fast and informed decisions.
Know yourself and your customers
Transform your data into visuals and statistics which are so intuitive that every employee can take faster, informed decisions based on real-time data.
BPM Automation
BPM Automation
Automate and monitor your business processes for a fluent workflow and effective management.
Business Process Management Automation
Implement clear and easy-to-follow processes that prevent user errors and offer real- time status updates across the organisation.
Web Portals
Web Portals
Get maximum efficiency from your business processes and see data mapped in a web portal.
Business Web Portals
See all of the relevant data and processes in a single dashboard. Make them work like an orchestra instead of like separate instruments.
Document Workflow
Document Workflow
Transform manual, disconnected processes into dynamic, streamlined and automated workflows.
Streamline the (e)Paper Shuffling
Take control of your documents, automate the workflow and approval process and receive real-time updates through the dashboard.
Automated Reporting
Automated Reporting
Discard manually generated reports to eliminate errors and free up your time to analyze the data.
Manual reporting is history
Your daily or weekly reports can be set up and forgotten about. Automate data aggregation and computing while scheduling personalized reports to be sent on time.
Cloud Development
Cloud Development
You can scale as much as you want and pay for the resources you need without the hassle of an expensive infrastructure.
Take advantage of our modern infrastructure
Take advantage of the flexible cloud infrastructure to bring power to your apps. Use as much as you need and pay only for that. Easy to scale across the globe.
The virtual gold rush is here. We develop tools for adventurous explorers of the New (virtual) World.
Join the virtual gold rush
We can build in live stats and integrate digital wallets. Get live data from various exchanges and sort, filter and decide in real time.
Access, manage and monitor your online store from within the dashboard.
Integrate your online store
Easily integrate payment gateways, logistics and shipping interfaces.
Custom Applications
Custom Applications
When off-the-shelf solutions aren't good enough, we'll make it happen.
We can code
When you have an idea that could take your company to the next level and no app is doing what you need, we're right here to develop it for you.


Dashboard Development

An overview of your company’s performance

The best thing about business dashboards is that they can provide real-time information about your company’s performance. Managers and employees are able to make data-driven, goal-oriented decisions instead of relying on their instincts.

Executive dashboards usually monitor a company’s monthly revenue, net income, revenue growth, department performance, quarterly goals, competitor activity and ROI.

Other dashboards commonly cover sales, finance, project management or marketing, but we also cover additional areas such as logistics, assembly lines, testing and support.

Business Process Management Automation

Business Process Automation

Automating business processes enables your organisation to be more efficient and more effective and makes it easier to adapt to the ever-changing environment you find yourself in.

Bring clarity

Implement clear and easy to follow processes that prevent user errors and offer a real time status update across the organisation.

Take Control

Monitor processes in real time or narrow in on individual tasks with built-in data visualization tools.

Analyse and Improve

Identify bottlenecks and fix the problem. Sometimes a little change can go a long way.

Web Portals

Web Portal Development

Launching a web portal can have a far-reaching impact on an organization and its processes. Companies of all sizes and industries are using portals to revolutionize the way they work.

Integrate all your data

Integrate disparate data under a single umbrella, facilitate access to the information and share it with each and every stakeholder including management, employees, customers and suppliers.

Why you should build a portal:

  1. They provide a secure information-sharing platform that will skyrocket productivity and cooperation while increasing customer loyalty.
  2. They drive business growth and scale your customer service infrastructure.
  3. They save your company time and money while completing tasks such as processing bills and payments or by automating reports that are currently made manually.

Document Workflow

Document Workflow

Say goodbye to lost documents and long approval chains. You don’t have to worry about it when the process is automated.

Quick and easy

Reject, approve, add comments and automatically move documents to the next step of the process.

Never lost

Algorithms never lose a document. You can always find them, even if they get stuck somewhere.

Identify bottlenecks

With visualization tools you can always spot if documents are getting caught up in a particular area or are being held up by an employee.

Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

Save your employees from the dull task of pulling data from different sources and compiling them in the same old Excel file.

Save time and money

How much time do your employees spend building reports for your clients? Figure out how much time they’re using and what it costs you, then automate the tasks and put that money to better use by adding value to your current customers.

Always on time and error-free

Algorithms are always on time. Just decide when you need the report and it’ll arrive in your inbox. They also don’t make mistakes and, unlike humans, they don’t get bored of doing the same task over and over again.

Granular security

Worried about sensitive information being mishandled? Instead of files, create webpages and take your pick of security restrictions. It’s easy to set up and more secure than storing files on a common server or leaving physical copies lying around the office.

Got an idea?

Let’s make it happen.

Cloud Development

Cloud Deployment and Development

Cloud computing is changing the way that applications are designed, tested and deployed. Cost is a major driver, but so are agility, flexibility and speed.

Instant scalability at reduced costs

As business demands rise and fall, the available capacity can be auto-adjusted. As a result, cloud-based applications can be less expensive to operate and maintain than equivalents with an on-premises installation.

Simplified operations through data sharing and security

Infrastructure management can be outsourced to third-party cloud providers and data stored on cloud services is instantly available to authorized users on any device with an internet connection. Due to their massive scale, cloud providers can hire world-class security experts and implement infrastructure security measures that only large enterprises are able to obtain. Data is backed up on a regular schedule and restored should it become necessary.


Crypto Currency Bitcoin

Money of the future or 21st-century unicorns? The new (virtual) gold rush is happening. We develop tools for the adventurous explorers of the New (virtual) World.

Cryptocurrencies open the door to revolutionary technological possibilities. Their main advantages are:

  • Fraud: They cannot be counterfeited or reversed arbitrarily by the sender as with credit card charge-backs.
  • Immediate settlement: It takes seconds instead of days to perform a transaction.
  • Lower fees: No international fees, no hassle, no bank commission, no intermediaries.
  • Available to everyone: Over half the world’s population is connected to the internet. That’s all that’s required to use digital currencies.

We build live stats and integrate digital wallets

Get live data from various exchanges. Sort, filter and make decisions based on real-time data.


eCommerce Development

Integration with third parties

We build integration modules for third parties such as marketplaces, shipment tools, logistics companies, payment getaways and marketing tools.

Shopping cart integration

Integrate disparate data under a single umbrella and share it with every stakeholder including management, employees, customers and suppliers.

Marketing tool integration

Convert visitors into leads using A/B testing, newsletter subscription targeting and other tools to level up your marketing activity.

Custom Applications

Custom Software Development

New ideas

Have you got an idea that could take your company to the next level? Are you struggling to find an off-the-shelf solution that gets the job done? We’d love to work with you.

New ventures

From funded start-ups that disrupt the old ways and make the world a better place to well-established businesses that are looking to change with the times, we’re there to accompany clients on their journey.

We build web-based business apps

We build custom software solutions that are platform independent and accessible from any device. Find out how we can help to boost your business.

Got a cool idea?
Let’s talk and make it happen. The coffee’s on us.

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